Friday, 31 August 2012

Perasaaan (Mungkin)

Dalam hidup memang terkadang harus merasakan seperti ini. Merasa diabaikan, merasa dicueki, merasa.... semua tentang rasa. Apa itu cuma perasaan saya saja?

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Imagine and Feel

Saya sedang membayangkan duduk di bangku yang ada di atas itu, hmm sejuuuukk....

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Best Mixture of Success (I Guess)

I got many things to be learnt in recent days. How to manage the emotion, how to kill the ego and how to deal with enemy who remains us, ourselves. 

I think, it’s not the time to think about ourselves only, but we have to pay attention to others, our beloved people around us. 

Sometimes, the desire to have something can be the best motivation, but if we can’t get it we might be disappointed, so the patience is the best answer. 

If your dreams haven’t come true, it’s not true because it’s just postponed. Only God knows the best time to give it to you. Believe in it. Thus, keep struggling and praying. 

Struggling makes your dream real, and praying makes you lucky. Lazy persons will be beaten by diligent person and diligent person will beaten by lucky person. Struggling and praying is the best mixture of success. 

Thursday, 2 August 2012

A Big Hello from Here!

Hey you! Hello! It’s been centuries perhaps I don’t touch this kind of thing. How are you there? To be honest, I’m happy of coming back to this, my escape. Bunches of untold stories I have. By the way, some of you missing me? Ooh who am I? A celebrity? Of course not. 

Alright, I’ve been jumped in a sea of colours, let’s say haha. Terribly new for me. Yeah, I’m trying to be a journalist working for a national news agency. 

It’s been about three weeks I joined in the internship. There are some desks I’ve been involved, like politics, economics and welfare. Also, I get involved in a tv as a reporter. 

From the markets to the ministries I went to, looking for something I can tell to the public. And it’s not easy I guess because this job is very special. We are required to work for 24 hours. 

It’s nice to see new people even some of them are the persons I’m intended to meet.

However, I miss the sun. I miss the sun in the afternoon because when I’m out it has hidden. 

See ya.