Sunday, 27 November 2011

Liat Aja Nanti

Let's see then.

Saturday, 26 November 2011


“Life is too short and earth is too small. If all is just like that, so what do you think the big ones in this world?”
“There are only two things that are big in this universe. Your smile and your heart”

P.S: Bungkus! Buat para pria segera bungkus untuk perkara gombal ke pacarmu! Haha

An Unaudible Vocalizing

I love the moment when somebody is turning his/ her head on you just want to vocalize, “Thank you” (with no sound of course), while he or she is just going by in a rush. Then, turn his/ her back on you in a very sudden. Literally.

Do you understand what I mean?


Yeah, udah mejeng aje lo di perpus. Nomornya cantik pulak, 3030.
#justposting #nohardfeeling


Can you notice 'em?

Up Above the Sky over the Soccer Field

Above me, while I was riding my magical bike. Can you notice the airplane?

From My Balcony

In the Morning.....

Very Bright Afternoon...

Late Afternoon...

Home Sweet Home

Thank You for These

From left : Teddy, Sid, Joe, Bellen, Chandler, Timmy, Ruff. 
A friend of mine, "Ternyata si cuwi punya bonek juga."
Me, "Itu bukan boneka, itu anak asuh!"

Late Gloomy Afternoon

Perfectly just like my imagination....
Somewhere in the North Bandung 
Want it?

Dance to Fly

This picture is so adorable....

P.S: Captured from Cosmopolitan Magazine

Lagi Baikan

Gue rasa bakal hujan gigi palsu gue sama Hindi baikan begini haha....

Tetep aje nyinyir di belakang gue huhh...

To Avoid Regretion

Be the max! cause we'll never know what happens next.

The Classic One

I always love wearing these shoes. It looks like Matt’s. 

Besides, this kind of shoes was put on by the cutest personnel of Angsa dan Serigala.